A delectable blend of food and travel, Mediterranean Summer® celebrates the pleasures of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Whether it’s making something simple to eat, enjoying quality time at the table, or having an incredible dining experience while abroad, it’s easy to make it your own.
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My name is David Shalleck. I am a chef, author, and television culinary producer. Having spent many years visiting, living, cooking, and teaching throughout the Mediterranean I am hugely inspired by the food of the region. It’s fascinating how a palette of cuisines that have evolved over thousands of years are similar and diverse yet have always remained accessible for everyone to make, especially at home.

With Mediterranean Summer® I offer entertaining stories, valuable insights, practical information, and encourage culinary travel to nourish the benefits of eating well and living better under the halo of what we know as the Mediterranean Diet.


Early in my career, while doing internships in many of Italy’s Michelin-starred restaurants, I was the summer season chef for a prominent Italian family on board their private sailing yacht. While constantly trying to please the palates of my bosses, working in a small galley, and managing a demanding schedule, this rare opportunity helped formulate the way I approach cooking: use great ingredients, stick to basic techniques, and keep it simple.


I can tell you many stories about my experiences on board the yacht and I did in my culinary travel memoir, Mediterranean Summer. With glorious backgrounds and colorful characters, from cover to cover you’ll get a behind-the-scenes account of what goes on in the mind of chef to get delicious food from the market to the plate. You can learn about my book and purchase a signed copy here.


But if you really want to get into the conversation, you can bring the story to life from port to port when you join me in June 2020 for a flavor-driven cruise through the western Mediterranean. From Barcelona to Monte Carlo on board the luxurious Oceania Cruises small ship Sirena, we will enjoy what the Mediterranean Summer® idea is all about. A fantastic itinerary at the perfect time of year features amenities such as customized culinary shore excursions and private events on board. This exclusive offering is limited to 24 guests. You can learn more about what is destined to be an exceptional cruise experience here.



Right now, it’s time to get into the kitchen. From late Spring through the middle summer months it’s the season for cherries. Aside from enjoying them fresh, I can’t think of a better way to cook with cherries than in a classic country French dessert, Clafoutis. It’s very easy to make. In addition to the main ingredient, all you need are some basics: milk, eggs, flour, some sugar, perhaps a little almond flour, and a touch of cinnamon. You can get my recipe for Clafoutis here.




Join me and you’ll see how Mediterranean Summer® is more than a season, it’s an attitude.
The location photos in and around Saint-Tropez were taken by Paul Moore.

The home kitchen photos were taken by Melissa McArdle.