The Rewards of Flavor

One of the best parts of traveling is to taste something that is truly local. When I cooked for a few summer seasons on board a gorgeous classic sailing yacht, the job required more than adhering to the preferences set forth by the owners during my initial interview.

Rather, as we cruised down the coasts, they were looking for every menu to inspire a sense of place with the food and feature the best of what a locality had to offer at that moment.

The opportunity to work this way was a critical turning point in how to approach cooking and eating, especially when in new or different environs.

And when looking back, it will give one a precious souvenir of remembering a place through flavor... or better yet, "taste memory."

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“Choose the best ingredients,
pay attention to technique, keep it simple,
and make it taste great!”

DAVID SHALLECK has worked for over two decades in the food business as a chef and television culinary producer alongside some of America’s most celebrated chefs and hosts.

He has cooked in noted restaurants and for special events in New York, San Francisco, the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, Provence, many of Italy's famous regions, and in collaboration with premium cruise lines.

Recent television culinary producer credits include the PBS series More Fast Food My Way with Jacques Pépin, José Made in Spain with José Andrés, Chef’s Story at the French Culinary Institute, Joanne Weir’s Cooking Class, and with Cat Cora on the Food Network’s Iron Chef America.

His recipe, menu, food styling, and food product development clients include respected cookbook authors, restaurant operators, and many national brands.

He is the founder of VOLOCHEF™, offering private dining and specialized services to the food service and media industries.

Member: Oldways/Mediterranean Mark culinary advisor, the International Culinary Tourism Association, and the Chef's Council of the Center for Culinary Development.

A graduate from Syracuse University in set and lighting design, he currently lives in San Francisco.

Pasta Break

Bits and pieces about a unique culinary adventure on the Med as seen from the galley of a private sailing yacht.

"That man, who unsuspecting approaches them, and listens to the Sirens singing, has no prospect of coming home."

-- About the islands of Galli in Homer's The Odyssey

Pasta Break
Sailing Boat